Occupational Therapists ask

“What matters to you?”


“What’s the matter with you”


Training requirement is a minimum of a Master’s Degree that includes coursework such as:
              o Anatomy & Physiology
              o Neurology & Pathophsiology
              o Physical Disabilities & Child Development
              o Kinesiology
              o Task analysis
              o Research

Execute comprehensive and individualized evaluations to determine an individual’s strengths and their difficulties in the areas of:
              o movement & strength
              o gross and fine motor development
              o coordination
              o sensory processing
              o Self care skills
              o visual perceptional skills
              o cognition
              o social interaction skills

Holistically considers people’s values, beliefs and environments, as well as their specific strengths and challenges, when collaborating with others to implement action steps toward meaningful goals.

Analyze tasks and determine what functions and abilities are required to be successful with that task

Advanced training in problem solving what and how skills can be improved, how the task can be adapted and/or modified to support that individual’s independence.

Occupational Therapists work with individuals across the lifespan and can work in a variety of settings that include hospitals, schools, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, in the home and online.