Intro to How to Plan Your Day for Success

I know that no one has needed to tell you that you are crazy busy!  Which makes sense because you have a lot on your plate!  You wear a lot of hats to make everything possible for your own life, your child’s life and your family’s life, as a result. 

Keeping everything organized and being proactive can make a huge difference.  For starters, it can be the difference between just surviving. Feeling like everything is out of control versus. On the contrary, planning can also make you feel like you are accomplishing your goals. Being intentional with your everyday life. 

Sometimes just taking the time to plan can feel overwhelming. That is why I invited Amanda to the podcast.  I just know that she is going to give you encouragement and inspiration. She will also give you tips and tools for how to plan for success.

She will share her journey with her daughter. As well as, managing all of the therapies and appointments that she had.

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Meet Amanda with The Glory Days Planner

Amanda Cunningham is a special needs parent and advocate. On 2017 she gave birth to her daughter Aurora. At the time of her birth, Amanda found out that her daughter had Down Syndrome. After months of overwhelm, she created a daily planner designed for her unique needs. In November of 2018, The Glory Days Co was founded and their signature daily planner was released.

Since then, 2,000 special needs parents have used their tools to feel equipped in the role they’ve been called to. It’s Amanda mission to encourage the caregiver and bring attention to families like hers.

Recommended Book

You’re the Girl for the Job: Daring to Believe the God Who Call You by Jess Connolly

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Candice Curtis is a licensed Occupational Therapist and the founder of Integrate Family. She is passionate about helping and empowering parents and their children.  Candice has advanced postgraduate training in theory, assessment, interpretation and treatment in Ayers Sensory Integration.  She is a Certified Autism Specialist with expertise in sensory processing, coordination disorders, learning disorders and executive functioning.  Candice also has 2 boys of her own at home, one of which is Autistic. Learn more about her here.