Celebrate Autism Characteristics

You know when you meet someone and you just absolutely love their perspective and their positive outlook? Well, this is how I felt when I had a chance to chat with Kayla. Her caring heart and ability to celebrate Autism totally warmed my heart. I’m sure her words will warm your heart as well!

 Hearing her words is so important because our perspective on how we see our situation. Not to mention, how we see our children makes a huge difference in the actions that we take. 

Kayla’s perspective will totally light that fire for you to see your child through new eyes.  The way that she talks about the importance of celebrating all the amazing things about your child is just what so many other parents need to hear.

The book that she wrote is an amazing book to celebrate the amazing things about your child. So make sure to check it out!

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Meet Kayla

She is a mother of two children with Autism, an educator, but also a new author to a children’s book meant to spread awareness about Autism. When her children were going through the medical Autism evaluation, she left the hospital feeling defeated.

She had just spent the last 5 hours talking about her child’s delays, and what made him and her different as if something was wrong with them. Those Autism characteristics that the examiners were pointing out for the sake of the diagnosis, were the same characteristics that Kayla and her husband adored about their children.

She felt as if something was missing. If she had been given the book that she wrote when she walked out the door instead of a list of therapies, that apparently do not service their rural area, she would have felt more at peace about the conversations that took place in front of their children with the examiners.

This board book is what she felt like she needed to read to her child so her and her husband could have a celebration of their differences. There are also a couple teachable words, making the book an educational tool for young readers.

Make Sure to get her Book:  Rock With Me, An Autism Inspired I Love You Book written by Kayla Monville

You can find Kayla at:



Candice Curtis is a licensed Occupational Therapist and the founder of Integrate Family. She is passionate about helping and empowering parents and their children.  Candice has advanced postgraduate training in theory, assessment, interpretation and treatment in Ayers Sensory Integration.  She is a Certified Autism Specialist with expertise in sensory processing, coordination disorders, learning disorders and executive functioning.  Candice also has 2 boys of her own at home, one of which is Autistic. Learn more about her here.